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Welcome to the winery Vega Caledonia Classica real treasure in the beautiful region of Rioja Alta, strategically located along the picturesque banks of the Najerilla River. Since its humble beginnings in 1981, this winery has been producing high quality wines and since 2012 has been an integral part of the prestigious BHR winery group, which has left an indelible mark on the wine world.

Vega Caledonia Clásico is distinguished by its focus on traditional winemaking, meticulously following ancestral methods handed down from generation to generation. 

With a deep respect for the region's winemaking heritage, the winery has embraced the rich history and wine culture of the Rioja Alta. The result is wines that reflect the soul of the Rioja Alta: elegant, balanced wines with a unique expression. The robust, structured reds, with their notes of ripe fruit, spice and elegant hints of oak, captivate the senses and reveal the region's identity.

Vega Caledonia Clásico has left a lasting mark on the world of wine, with a trajectory marked by excellence and a passion for preserving the most deeply rooted winemaking traditions. Each glass of its wines is a journey through time, a tribute to the rich winemaking history of the Rioja Alta and a celebration of the flavors and aromas that have endured over the years.



The winery's location, on the banks of the Najerilla River, provides a privileged microclimate and an exceptional terroir that is reflected in the quality and distinctive character of its wines. The clay-limestone soils and the influence of the cool north winds combine to provide optimal conditions for growing grapes of exceptional quality. We have 110 hectares of vineyards.


Over 2,500 French oak barrels

More than 1,000 American oak barrels

Production per ha

8,000 Kilos/Ha

890k Bottles produced / year

We have 85 hectares of Tempranillo vineyards, 15 hectares of Garnacha and 10 hectares of Viura. The age of the vineyards ranges from 25 to 60 years.


We take care of every detail from the cork to oxygenate each wine in an ideal way.


We have wines from young, mature and white wines for all palates.

Bottle Design

We design each bottle transmitting tradition and making you feel in La Rioja.