Explore the boldness of Adamantia wines from the Toro region. These wines, true to the essence of the area, display intensity and power in every glass. With their robustness and imposing structure, Adamantia wines embody the passion and uniqueness of Toro, offering an unforgettable experience for lovers of powerful and expressive reds.

Producing wine since 1951

Great Selection

Immerse yourself in the essence of Toro with this exceptional wine, aged for 3 months in oak barrels. Its balance between power and smoothness creates an unparalleled sensory experience, providing a delight for the most demanding palates.

Old Vines

Selected grapes from old vineyards. Twelve months in oak barrels and twenty-four months in bottle. Its complexity and depth unfold in every sip, with remarkable structure and captivating elegance.


The jewel in the crown of our collection, this Toro wine has been perfected for 18 months in oak barrels, reaching its maximum expression. It presents extraordinary complexity, with layers of flavors that awaken the senses.