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The ADAMANTIA winery, part of the BHR Group, is a family winery with a winemaking tradition of almost a century and established in the Toro region in 1951.

In 1987, with the creation of the Toro Denomination of Origin, a process of transformation began. The quality and service requirements of international markets lead us to adopt much more delicate and complex production processes.

The productivity of the vineyards began to be controlled in order to obtain higher quality. The winemaking processes are much more refined, obtaining high quality wines.

The Toro wine begins to take relevance of great importance in the world with the beginning of the XXI century. Its technical qualities of the native grape, as well as its innovative production processes, position it as one of the best wines in Spain.


The vineyards of this region are located in a unique environment, with an extreme continental climate characterized by cold winters and hot summers. At an average altitude of 715 meters above sea level.

The soils of Toro are mainly sandy and clayey in nature, with the presence of boulders, which provides excellent water retention and allows the development of deep-rooted vines. This combination of soils and extreme climate is ideal for growing the region's native grape, Tinta de Toro (a local clone of the Tempranillo variety), which produces red wines of great character and structure.


More than 700 French oak barrels

More than 700 American oak casks

Production per ha

6,000 Kilos/Ha

350k Bottles produced / year

We have an extension of 54 hectares of vineyards with an age of about 50 years and a plot of 6 hectares with an age of 95 years from which we elaborate our Premium wine. All the vineyards are of the Tinta de Toro variety.


We take care of every detail from the cork to oxygenate each wine in an ideal way.


We have wines from young, mature and white wines for all palates.

Bottle Design

We design each bottle transmitting tradition and making you feel in La Rioja.