Discover the diversity and quality of our varietal wines, made from premium grapes. Each bottle is a unique expression of its variety, highlighting its distinctive characteristics and delighting the palate. From intense Cabernet Sauvignon reds to elegant Chardonnay whites, Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc.

Producing wine Since 2012

El Coche Tinto

Lightly aged in oak barrels. Filtration. Bottling. Bigarreau cherry red, ample and bright. Young aroma and very fresh in the mouth. Balanced and rounded.
Rice, pasta, white meats, cheeses, ham, seafood and fish, tapas, snacks.

The White Car

Straw yellow color with greenish reminiscences, denoting youth. Clean and bright to the eye. On the nose we find a high aromatic intensity. Notes of tropical fruits with fresh herbs and fennel. The palate is broad, unctuous, balanced and fresh. It is long and persistent.


Red wine 100% from Tempranillo grapes. Selection of grapes in vineyards. Filtration and bottling on the property.
Cherry red, long in the mouth and bright. Young and fresh with an elegant aroma.


Varietal white wine 100% made from Verdejo grapes. Maceration for 12 hours at 16ºC. Controlled fermentation at 15ºC. Filtration and bottling on the property.
It has a characteristic straw yellow color. Very fresh, bright and clean. Very aromatic.